My Georgia Collection

State Notes, Currency, Scrip, Certificates, and Bonds

I've been collecting Georgia Currency, Bonds, and Scrip for over 20 years.  While I have framed and proudly display some of my Bonds, Stock Certificates, and uncut Currency Sheets, the majority of my collection is housed in a safety deposit box and rarely sees the light of day.  Most collectors I know do the same thing.  We 'buy it and hide it.'

Of late, I've spent a good amount of time searching the internet for images and contacts for some particularly rare pieces.  I know what I'm looking for exists, but it is more than likely hidden it goes.

While grieving the fact that others haven't taken the time to share information about their collections online, I became acutely aware of the hypocrisy of my lamentations.  So, I registered a domain name (took 5 minutes) and went with a web site development package advertised on my family's favorite NPR podcasts (took another 5 minutes.)  As for the progress of my web site has been more difficult than I thought; however, that is my fault.  I probably should have spent more time researching the approach and design before jumping in head first.

Please browse this site and let me know what you think.  If you see something that I am missing and you are in possession of, please let me know.  I'm always looking for new pieces.  Conversely, if you see something you are interested in, let me know.  Over these years, I have picked up many duplicates via small lot acquisitions, upgrades, or (while not proud of this) purchasing something I already had because I didn't want to see it sold for way less than I paid for it.

Note, this is a family collection, and my two sons own pieces of what's being displayed.  Teaching them how to research topics, hunt for new items, scan images, catalog items, and build exhibits has been very gratifying....though, there is some healthy prodding involved at times :-)

Anyhow, your feedback will be greatly appreciated.  I hope to meet some of you in the near future.


Claybourne Barrineau