My Georgia Collection

State Notes, Currency, Scrip, Certificates, and Bonds


Under Construction - Stayed Tuned

To-date, I've uploaded and documented >300 notes.  I've completed the State Notes, Alternate Scrip, and Obsolete Currency - Rail Road sections.  I’ve paused (temporarily) on Obsolete Currency - Non-Rail Road Notes while I try and determine the appropriate reference guides.  I’ve recently (as of 12/13/2018) uploaded a majority of the images for Bonds/IDRs/Stocks/BOEs; however, I haven’t documented anything other than the IDR section. Finally, I’m still pondering how to handle my ‘Other-Georgia’ section (Land Grants, Cherokee Indian Documents, Rose Distillery Jugs, Coca-Cola Advertisement Notes, etc.) & whether or not to include 'Misc Non-Georgia' (exhibit related US Currency, Labor Notes, Absolute Money, OPA tokens/coupons, Blockade Runner Stock, etc.). 

Slow process...not enough hours in a day :-)

*(on a pc/mac, hovering over an image in a gallery shows the documentation; however, on a phone/tablet, you will need to click on the dot found in the bottom right hand side of the screen)